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We deliver exceptional products

Alkanes, also known as paraffinic waxes and oils, have been the manufacturing specialty of Roper Thermals for nearly 30 years. Our oils and waxes have temperature profiles in the melt range of -30C to 66C. Depending on our customer’s needs, we package in as small as 250 grams or as large as 750-kg IBC totes. All of our products are qualified on our state-of-the-art equipment in our on-site laboratory. With a facility on the Connecticut shoreline, we are proud to say our products are Made in the USA and can be Ready to Ship within 24 hours.

Roper Thermals High-Purity Alkanes


Roper Thermals manufactures the highest purity alkanes found anywhere on the market. With products greater than 99% pure, our alkanes are THE analytical standards being used in important research around the globe. We take no short cuts when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of our products and our customers rest assured that Roper Thermals’ alkanes always perform precisely and accurately. 


Roper Thermals’ technical-grade alkanes are those that are 90-97% pure alkane. Because it takes less time to purify a chemical to 90% than it does to 99%, technical grades can be more affordable and are often the choice for those customers needing material for larger-scale applications. These days, many of those applications involve putting our alkanes to use as a thermal energy storage system, or rather, using them as a Phase Change Material.

Roper Thermals Technical Alkanes
Roper Thermals Accuphase Phase Change Materials


Our AccuPhase line of PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS meet the growing demand for products with custom melt points and temperature profiles. Whether it’s a 2-8C cold chain application, a body-cooling application or a heat sink for your electronics, we have a product for you. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought temperature-controlled logistics into sharp focus. Vaccine integrity – from the manufacturing site to patient injection – is critical to the global fight against coronaviruses. And the integrity of vaccines and therapeutic drugs relies heavily on proper transport at controlled temperatures.

Roper Thermals Cold Chain Phase Change Materials
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