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Roper Thermals Sustainability

The FUTURE of Chemistry is Here

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are an essential vehicle on the road to sustainability.


The Roper Edge

Roper Thermals is a certified woman-owned business with an expertise in manufacturing premium quality alkanes, the leading choice for Phase Change Materials (PCMs). With a proud history spanning more than three decades, our business was designed with sustainability in mind and we continue that commitment today, implementing smarter processes and developing smarter products.  We pledge to positively impact the world around us and do business in a way that never compromises our values. 


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services


Made in the USA

Delivered in 24 hours

Alkanes have been the manufacturing specialty of Roper Thermals since 1989 and we offer more renewable alternatives than ever before. All of our products are qualified on our state-of-the-art equipment in our on-site laboratory. We are proud to say our products are Made in the USA and can be Ready to Ship within 24 hours.

Roper Thermals Phase Change Materials Uses


Automotive, Textiles

& Everything in Between

Alkanes and phase change materials (PCMs) serve different purposes, and their applications are diverse. Alkanes, also known as paraffinic waxes and oils, have been the manufacturing specialty of Roper Thermals for nearly 30 years. Alkanes find various uses in different industries. PCMs undergo a phase transition (e.g., melting or solidification) at a specific temperature. They are utilized in a range of applications where the storage or release of thermal energy is beneficial. 



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Need to break bulk loads into drums or IBCs? Or need to consolidate material into a bulk load? Let us be your logistics partner.

Roper Thermals Services

Sustainability in Numbers


Totes Reused


Metric Tons

Landfill Avoidance


MM LBS CO2e Offset


Humpback Whales Undisturbed

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